Epic Campaign

stepping through the porthole

The party despite their mixed motivation has been able to complete the first part of their task by gaining the Shield of Divine Might needed to cross the bridge of Doom. Now the group is hoping to find the final piece to the puzzle a weapon of unknown power!

After being attacked in Port Last, the group learned that the evils that be, has learned of their meddle-lings in their fiendish plans. While resting up before stepping through the porthole you are contacted by High Priest Lomar. He tells you that the unholy alliance between the humans of Cheliax and the Baylor Demon-lord seems to have come to fruition.

The Kingdom of Greenhulc is under siege from rampaging bands of hells denizens, most civilians have retreated behind castle walls. While to the east of us Armag and his barbarians appear to be in full scale war with the evil hordes.



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