Epic Campaign

the other side

Prior to going through the porthole you are scryed by high Priest Lomar who informed you that the lands are now being ravaged by the hordes from hell. With no other choice but to try and complete your mission you go through with hopes to find the item you need on the other side.

Once through the group sees a bright flash and follows to a lop sided battle which turned out to be an ambush of what appears to be a chubby little goblin who is a master of great powers. With the help of the party the little guy was able to hold off a squad of mercenaries, a detail of “droids”, a pair of giant constructs “war droids”, and finally some elite soldiers and an evil “wizard”.

Even though magic and magic items do not work in this new realm their some sort of powers that people here and the spell casters in the party were able to manipulate as well. The best way to describe it is as 2nd edition pysionics.

Now that the fight is over the party needs to decide what to do where to go and how to get home…



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