Epic Campaign

The quest continues

The quest continues, after training with Yoda the party went in the direction of the infinity gate guarded by night-sisters and the star temple itself. Trying to escape the reinforcements the party proceeded into the temple where the sorcerer arrogantly leading the way through a mine field and auto-cannon was taken out, saved only by the use of a force point.

Right when the battalion of reinforcements showed up Kyras was able to open the next door, following his lead the group went deeper into the temple. Inside the inner chamber the group was able to activate the gate successfully avoiding the implosion of the planet and even solar system and was transported to the planet Tatoonie.

This is where we pick up with the group as they have just purchased a starship and are waiting in town for it to be ready. Then they will attempt to travel to the planet Felucia, where Yoda had mentioned for them to go originally.

On Felucia the group hopes to find out a way back home if they can make contact with the head shaman of the Fullucian people…



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